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I recently started to play Minecraft. I don’t play a lot of games – there was Mirror’s Edge and Super Mario 64 & Sunshine. As you might know, I possess two Macintosh computers.

I am fine with playing Minecraft on my Macbook Pro, but there’s a catch. Or a few. First off, I want to be able to record my sessions with high framerate and quality, which is not really available on the Mac currently. My favorite applications so far is Screenflow and Camtasia Studio, but they are neither freeware or recording with particulary high framerate.

Also, I’d like to play other games, like Mirror’s Edge, on my computer, without too much lag. That isn’t possible either – Mirror’s Edge is Windows only.

There is Fraps for high framerate recording for Windows, and I have not been able to find a substitute for OS X. Fraps is also unique in several matters, and I like that it only records the program I choose, unlike Screenflow for Mac that records the whole screen (and it doesn’t even let me set the size of my video).

I have tried to install and live with Windows on my Macintosh computers. I have Windows 7 64-bit currently installed on my Mac Mini 2007, which was Linux Mint earlier. I know this is not completely Apple’s fault, but it is not an easy thing to find drivers for the Mac Mini graphics card. It is partially Intel’s fault because of their complex website, and as I said also Apple’s – it is really hard to find what chipset the Mac Mini 2007 uses, for example. In case you wonder, I can’t get the Boot Camp drivers on the Mac OS X install DVD to work either.

I have therefore been thinking about buying a PC running Windows. I am a converter, I converted from Windows and Linux (PC) to Mac a couple of years ago. I was never really not satisfied with Windows (which was either XP or Vista back then), but I, as many others, was as always dying to get a better computer, this time a Mac. It seemed fabolous, marvellous and incredible. Apple’s commercials on their website are very well done, and they convince you. At least they convinced me.

I bought a Mac, a Mac Mini. It was a stupid choice. I didn’t really have a lot of money then, so I went for the budget alternative. Two years later, I bought a Macbook Pro 13″. I need a notebook. I do not mean that I cannot stand a desktop computer. I just need one laptop, then I can buy as many desktop computers as I want. So my choice was pretty dumb. I should have bought a notebook first and then the Mac Mini if I had to (I didn’t have to).

I don’t know if I am falling for whatever it is I fall for every time I want to buy expensive stuff. I was in the beggining of this year close to buying a Google Nexus S, which I certainly did not need (I have an iPhone 4).

Last year, someone (perhaps me) partially broke my Macbook Pro by dropping it or accidentally hitting it into something while carrying it. However, the result was a crack in the screen, and I got around 7000 Swedish crones (SEK), $1120, from our insurance company.

I started looking for a good PC the last week. I needed a PC with a good graphics card, that could handle heavy graphics (not Minecraft, but Mirror’s Edge and other games). I also needed much RAM memory.
When you’re looking for a new computer, you really notice how cheap PC’s are, yet you get the same as you get in a Mac, except for the operating system.

I have over time unconsciously made up opinions about different computer brands. HP, for example, I dislike, because of their too glossy designs and bloatware installed in their computers. Dell feels classy and good, maybe because my family’s first computer was a Dell. Lenovo appears to be a solid label that you can trust.

I have not bought any Acer products except for my LCD screen, so I don’t have a strong opinion about them. Sure, some of their products a glossy, which I don’t like, but not all of them.

I found the Acer Aspire M5811 in a local electonics store. With Intel Core i5, 6 GB of memory and a ATI Radeon HD 5570 1 GB video card it seemed like a good choice. It costs 7499 SEK, around $1205, and I think it’s a fair price. I like the discrete design. It runs 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium, which is enough for me, and has got a 1.5 TB hard drive.

I am really eager to buy this, and I love Windows 7 too, but what do you think? Is this a hasty decision? Please, leave a comment or reply to @jocap on twitter.

For swedes, here is a link to a description of the Acer computer: (Product link)
Please visit my forum thread at Sweclockers as well.

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